Monday, February 22, 2010

Shutter Islander

I've attended a second showing of Shutter Island, and wish to redress my previous review. For one thing, the edits I mentioned before are, in fact, limited to the dream sequences, and are used for effect. They are quite effective once you figure out why they are there. There's still one shot involving a glass of water which I can't figure out, but other than that, I've no complaints. This is an immaculately assembled movie from a technical standpoint, though the sound issue in the beginning which I mentioned is still there.

I remain resolute that the acting is superb all-around. The performances are in fact better than I thought they were originally. When you see Shutter Island a second time, you realise how everything everyone says has two meanings, and the actors manage to convey this throughout. Whole conversations read with an entirely new tilt the second time. From a narrative standpoint, it is an airtight film. I do not know how the movie would fair on a third viewing, and I probably won't find out, but it is very much worth your time. Certainly, certainly twice. And I'm giving it an UpGrade.

Ed. Note; The Olympics have prevented me from getting caught up on reviews. I promise I will be back in a week with more reviews of Field Music, Joanna Newsom, Hot Chip, and likely more.


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Sheesh. I've been waiting for that Field music review for, like, forever now.

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