Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dear Wolf's Camera,

I'm sorry.

When I came into your store today, looking for advice on a relatively costly camera purchase, you were very helpful. You were beyond helpful, in fact. Your employee engaged me right away without being overbearing. She was clearly knowledgeable. When I vaguely explained the issue I wanted to address in relation to my old camera, she knew exactly what I wanted, and instantly pointed out what would address those issues.

She demoed the product for me, gave me some hands-on time with the best match, and answered all of my questions patiently. She even volunteered the main downside of the proposed camera; it, apparently, does not shoot video. She mentioned, but did not try to upsell me, the camera that would shoot video. She told me about your coverage plan, and recommended accessories. I dutifully took notes, and told her I would most likely be back later in the week after I'd figured out my budget.

I am sorry, Wolf's Camera, because I lied to you. I took those notes home with me and went, like most people, to Amazon, to compare prices. I can get the camera, along with both lenses, a bag, a tripod, a lens-cleaning kit, a memory card, and a sherpa to carry it all, for about $250 less than it would cost me in your truly fine establishment. What really killed you was the tax, honestly. In a state with almost 10% sales tax, I save about $90 of those dollars on not having to pay said tax. I'm not going to sign this letter, because I am too ashamed to identify myself to you. But I am sorry I am one of the reasons businesses can't compete anymore.

You will have your retribution one day, though you won't be around to enjoy it; I will need a newer camera, and I will still be under-informed, and there will be no one to answer my questions with such warmth, knowledge, and service. And I will wonder what happened to the good old days when I could go to the local camera store and get my questions answered.


Anonymous said...

your not alone! so many people do this!

robert said...

100% right