Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Need a Moment

My review of the recent A Camp album has spurred me to address a change in the grading policy which I will be implementing from now on. I've felt conflicted about this, because our society has risen to the point where a B seems average, and anything below that is a disappointment. I need to change that, at least for my blog.

To clarify:

An "A" is exemplary. Anything in the "A" range is above and beyond, an exemplary listen from start to finish. I make allowances for albums that have no filler until the final track. If an album is great from track one to eleven, but twelve is terrible, I will allow them the mistake, and ignore it. Songs in the middle of an album are the ones that offend.

A "B" is very good. Most great albums on Metacritic fall in the 80's, which is where they should be. A B is well worth your time.

A "C" is average. If you like the band, it is a good listen. It could even attract new fans. It does not mean it is bad. It does not mean I don't like it, it doesn't mean it's bad. Anything above a C is something to be proud of, and something to check out, should it appeal to you. Many modern albums sag in the middle or towards the end, because the CD allows albums to be too long. Many albums with a C are simply a few tracks too long.

A "C-" may have some great songs at the front, but then quickly deteriorates into an uninspired mess.

A "D" is when we get towards bad. If you love a band, you may still enjoy a "D" album, though even fanatics would be hardpressed to say it's one of their favourites.

An "F" is a fail. Done. Not worth the plastic. I don't know that this will ever actually appear here. If it does, it ought to be a good read.

That is all. I won't be retro-grading all the albums I've reviewed, but, in the future, this is the scale.

I gave A Camp's Colonia a C+. I am very, very fond of that album, and heartily recommend it. It's just a bit long. And I won't remember it in a year, save for the fabulous "Love Has Left the Room," which is just a great song.

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