Monday, May 18, 2009

A Rush and a Push and Some Micro-Reviews...

War Child Heroes
Various Artists
It's a cool concept, to have well-known artists like Elvis Costello and David Bowie pick their favourite artists of the now to record covers of one of their songs. This Like *shrug* tackle Costello's "You Belong to Me" while TV On the Radio do an alright version of Bowie's "Heroes." Franz Ferdinand do a very good "Call Me," and Elbow put a good spin on "Running to Stand Still." Great, great concept. Decent execution.
Grade: C

First Love
Emmy the Great
You can't tell from the cover, as her face is rended in two, but this is a very attractive woman, and I wanted to take a moment to appreciate that. It's not just because of her looks, though; she's also a terribly unique songwriter, and while this album isn't much to write home about on its own, it is clearly a harbinger of great things.
Grade: B-

The Crying Light
Antony and the Johnsons
He does Simone better than Nina did, and I'm starting to think he knows it. Taking chances to be (relatively) happy on "Epilapsy is Dancing" (Damned if I know), and letting that warble of a voice spool out to greater and greater distances, if not to greater and greater effect, he might just broaden his audience. Then again, I can barely sit through this. God's speed. Doesn't mean it's not great, though.
Grade: B+

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