Thursday, April 23, 2009

Second Coming

In February of 2008, the original Thought's Dowinion, like all good things, came to an end. This is not to say the original Thought's Dowinion was a good thing; I am merely suggesting that it followed a similar trajectory. Since that time, I've not posted a word in the blogosphere, and I suspect all of our worlds have been better for it. I'm less than reliable when it comes to correspondence with people I care about, let alone with postings I don't know will attract any readership at all.

Having said that, two things have happened in my life since this year began which, I feel, would provide fitting fodder for a blog I could curate; for one, I have been listening to a pleasingly steady stream of new music, of albums released this year, and, second, I've joined Netflix, and I have been watching movies and television shows like a fiend. Naturally, as I feel myself to be eloquent and well-voiced and well-informed and well-worth-listening-to (blah, blah, blah), I will use the medium of the blog to write about these various forms of entertainment which I consume.

Just to set expectations at the outset, most of what I write will be reviews, but I will also essay from time to time. Reviews will be for old and new movies, television shows, and albums. I'll also occasionally throw in a book review, though I don't read more than three books a year. It took me a year to read The Rest is Noise, Alex Ross' thorough and entertaining survey of 20th century compositional music, and the book I'm on now, White House Ghosts, is moving at such glacial speeds that I imagine it won't be finished before I graduate in 20 months. My point being, don't expect a lot of book reviews. Comments are not only welcomed, but encouraged. Let me know what you think if you've seen or listened or read the subject(s) yourself, and if you have any recommendations, certainly feel free to share. Here's hoping for a better sophomore voyage!

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