Sunday, April 26, 2009

This Fear's Gotta Hold On Me

To Lose My Life...
White Lies

There's a part of me that wishes this album were better, if only because I could title the review "This Band's Gotta Hold On Me." At any rate, both the actual title and the idyllic one are references to the chorus of the opening song, "Death." That chorus is the best part of this whole album, and even it is oddly dispensible. Aesthetically, the title of "Death" just about sums it up. This is a band who would not exist without Interpol, which is to say this a band who would not exist without Joy Division. Their sound is stark and sweeping. Their lyrics tend to draw from a pool rife with sentiments like "I leave my memoirs in blood on the floor." This is doom and gloom and not much else. This debut is what they call "assured," which is usually a bad thing, since it means they haven't taken any risks, and have left nothing up to chance. It's not a surprise it made it to #1 on the UK charts, and I wouldn't go so far as to say this is a bad album so much as it's just not good, but I give it a year before we all forget this album ever existed. Not worth your time.

Grade: C-

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