Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's Hard to Say Goodbye

It has to happen, in the name of taste and in the name of time. Every few months, I have to clean out the review pile, and decide that I won't be writing reviews for certain things. I do, however, like to make note of them, as they are often fairly good. I do this also with albums that are outside my intellectual purview. I cannot appreciate them, and so I will not issue a verdict.

One Life Stand
Hot Chip
I just don't have a taste for these guys. In the five albums they've released, I've never gotten into them. I even listened to "Ready for the Floor," their Big Hit. They just don't hit the spot. One Life Stand proves no exception.

Soldier of Love
"Diamond Life" is nice. So is "By Your Side." Most of her recorded output is at the level of solid, and it all sells very, very well. But it usually doesn't do it for me either. There is a theme here.

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