Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sound of Silver, Talk to Me

The new LCD Soundsystem album has sort of been announced, in the sense that we now know the names of the songs to appear on the album, and we know it will be out on 17 May. We don't know a title. Oh, and we also know it's 65 minutes long. This is going to be a big year for doubles, isn't it?

While I'm just as excited as the next girl for the release of their follow up to the masterful Sounds of Silver, I do have one note of disappointment. One of the many song titles thrown around for a period of time in association with the album was "Why Do You Hate Music?" The title does not appear on the finalised list of album tracks. With his gift for irony and acerbic anger, I would love to hear a James Murphy song called "Why Do You Hate Music?," and so would you. Whether you know it or not.

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