Monday, January 25, 2010


Robert Christgau is a music critic known for writing very short, very concise reviews of albums; typically in the neighbourhood of two or three sentences. And whilst they often don't quite seem to make sense, they still manage to hit the nail on the head, which is a rare quality to have in a critic. For the sake of my own personal enjoyment, from time to time I will attempt to write a review in his style. These will be labeled like so:

Contra (RCReview)
One man's mature is another man's boring, and depending on the flip, the coin could land with either face up. Personally, their Paul Simon shtick still hits the mark, but as they go further down the rabbit hole, they'll likely shake a few early die-hards. Those people never liked the music so much as the ethos anyway, so fuck 'em. B+

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