Friday, January 22, 2010

For want of $1,000,000 extra...

The festival organisers of Glastonbury have apparently helped to organise a large number of nifty auctions on e-bay in support of the Haiti epidemic. These include things like a turntable touched by the golden hand of DJ Shadow, a guitar from the Arctic Monkeys; you know, cool stuff, but stuff that gets auctioned fairly regularly.

But there was one thing that caught my eye, and I feel inclined to share. Apparently, Damon Albarn will write and record a song for you. Yes, you, my friend. If You are the winning bidder, You will get a song personally written and recorded for You by Damon Albarn, which is pretty special. Honestly. If I had $1,000,000, I would probably bid it on that. Well, I'd certainly bid $50,000, and go up from there. But that's really cool.

Of course, there's no guarantee it will be a good song, or that he will have put any effort into it. And I can't decide if I want this song to leak on the internet, once it's been handed over to You, or if I want it to stay hidden in You's possession, never to be heard. What if it's Damon's masterpiece? The possibilities make me salivate. The good news is I know he's too practical, and if he writes a piece of brilliance, he'll set it aside and write something else. So, then. Cheers.

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